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Cooking Classes at Whispering Pines

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Classes are offered only with advanced reservations. No previous cooking skills are required. Some classes have limited class sizes due to space available. Classes are Limited Hands On/Demonstration. Come hungry, ready to learn and have some fun!

Knife Skills Make cooking much easier – and safer – when you learn about choosing, holding, sharpening and storing your knife. We’ll chop, dice, mince, julienne, and chiffonade our way around vegetables, fruits and herbs. And, no worries on leaving hungry – we’ll have plenty to taste throughout the evening. 2 Hours $44/person

Sauces There are 5 ‘mother’ sauces: Veloute, Bechamel, esponole (sauce brown), hollandaise, tomato; all the basis for many other sauces. From these sauces, there are endless variations so there’s no limit to the sauce making possibilities. We’ll learn about “roux”, “mise en place” and deglazing. So we can taste the ‘fruits’ of our labor, we’ll have some pasta to compliment. 2.5 Hours $44/person

Breads: Fresh from the Oven Heat up that oven or plug in that bread machine! We’ll cover the basics of breads and baking them. There is nothing like the smell of fresh bread baking or the taste of warm bread as you pull it apart and the steam releases. We’ll introduce you the versatile artisan bread that can be used in so many different ways. You’ll learn biscotti is easy and scones can be sweet or savory. And, we’ll cover flat and quick breads. You take a ‘boulle’ of dough with you so you can create your ‘choice’ bread at home. 2.5 Hours $54/person

Soups: Comfort in a Bowl A chilly winter day is the perfect time to set a pot on the stove to simmer all day or put a stew in the oven on low and slow. We’ll give you the basic techniques you’ll need to create a variety of tasty seasonal soup and stews. We’ll cover broths, stocks and ‘roux’ as well as other options for thickening a soup. Is there really a difference between braising and stewing? Making a homemade stock is easy and what is ‘Mirepoix?’ We’ll touch on the classics and share some new and unique recipes to get your creative juices flowing. 2.5 hours $54/person

Pizza on the Grill From top to bottom, we’ll prepare the dough, make the sauces, chop and dice, sauté and bake pizza on the grill. From a traditional herbed garlic red to specialty sauces like a white roasted garlic and feta or a Thai peanut sauce, we’ll try a variety of pizza’s and toppings and Jeanna’s favorite combinations; including a breakfast pizza and a dessert pizza! A fun night of cooking filled with flavors. You’ll take home pizza dough, recipes and you’ll never call for take-out pizza again! 2.5 hours $54/person

It’s a Wrap – Thai Asian Spring Rolls Thai night will explore the unique flavor combinations of this delicious cuisine and teach you to prepare an entire menu that’s fun for a group or the family and gets everyone involved. Starting with soup and appetizer, we’ll prepare all the filling ingredients and sauces, along with minted pork balls, lemongrass marinated flank steak, and puffed shrimp balls. Then using rice papers, you can roll up your own personal delectable and delicious Spring roll with all your favorite fillings and dip it in your favorite sauce. 2.5 hours $54/person

Pasta, Pasta and More Pasta What a versatile food and so tasty! We’ll review the history of pasta, the three typical type of pasta dishes and prepare fresh pasta (and accompanying sauces). From short shape to long shapes, sheets or filled; the varieties are endless. And which sauce goes best with which pasta? Believe it or not, there is a general rule and we’ll cover that, too. You can make it by hand or with gadgets and we’ll show you how. You even get to take home some pasta to prepare at home! 2.5 hours $54/person

“Just wanted to tell you how much fun your pasta class was for us all. You even won over the teenager!!”
– CJ, Pasta Class Student

Have a date in mind? Send us an email with your proposed class, date and number of people.

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