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Pet Policy

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We understand that for so many of you, your pet is your family. Because of this, we are happy that we are able to accommodate pets.

The Whispering Pines Pet Policy attempts to accommodate two types of guests:
-those that love their pets, want to bring them along, but understand that there may be certain restrictions
-those that may not be too fond of furry friends for reasons such as a bad experience or allergies

Our “Policy for Paws”

  • $15 per night for pet rent (This helps us with the extra cleaning that is likely required from our furry friends.)
  • Pet never to be left in room unattended unless in kennel or cage. Many pets tend to feel more safe in a kennel or cage when in a strange place without their owners.
  • No paws on beds or furniture (should your pet choose not to behave, we will provide you an old sheet we’d like you to use.)
  • Must supply pet bed, kennel or equivalent place for pet to sleep
  • If damages occur (including flea infestation), pet owner is responsible for cost of replacement and/or repair.
  • If unacceptable noise occur, that could be bothersome and annoying to other guests, management has right to request pet be removed.
  • Pet must be on leash when around other guests. Many pets are not comfortable around strangers and many people are not comfortable around animals, so this is a precaution that keeps everyone safe and comfortable.
  • Only certain rooms can accommodate pets – based on availability – Roost in the Barn and Victoria’s Suite
  • Paws and pets are not allowed in our common or dining areas. When you arrive, please leave pet in the car and do not bring them to the house to check-in.
  • PetPackage

We’ll provide you with a pet packet upon arrival that includes: A bag of all natural treats from Ali’s Critter Cakes and Treats (when available), copy of this policy, poo-bags, directions to the dog park, a towel to wipe off dirty/wet paws and a sheet to use in the room.

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Although you are welcome to wander our grounds with your pet, Nebraska City has an amazing dog park just a few miles away with fenced areas for small and large dogs.

Click for Dog Park Facebook Page

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